Jaggery 900 g

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Jaggery is a traditional sweetener that is made from sugar cane juice or palm sap. It is a natural and unrefined sugar alternative that is commonly used in India and other countries in South Asia. Jaggery is rich in flavor and has a unique, slightly caramel-like taste. It is made by boiling down the juice or sap of sugar cane or palm trees until it crystallizes. The resulting product is then molded into blocks or cakes. Jaggery is commonly used in cooking and baking to add sweetness to dishes, and can also be enjoyed on its own as a sweet snack. Unlike refined sugars, jaggery contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it a healthier alternative for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. So why not try jaggery today and enjoy its rich flavor and natural benefits!


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